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Guys this is an awesome video + song.  The Asian girl isn’t the singer but she’s a good actress lol.  I have a hunch that the guy with the Duckie-type hair is the producer :-) U R MISSING OUT IF U DON’T LISTEN IT’S FANTABULOUS IM SRIUS

Lady Gaga, ‘ARTPOP’: Track-By-Track Review

 By Peri Cooper, Irvine | December 08, 2013 5:43 PM PST

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Genres: Dance, Electronica/EDM, Pop, Trap, Rap, Hip-Hop

Top Tracks: Gypsy, Aura, Do What U Want, Venus, Applause (save your money and star these tracks on Spotify)

These are my five top tracks for Lady Gaga’s new album, ARTPOP, from worst to best.  ARTPOP is a creative attempt that colors outside the lines of the kind of pop music most fans have heard this year (ie Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry).  Like Gaga herself, this album is full of surprises. However, it is by no means a perfect album—it has its hits and misses.  But even where it misses, the effort is still apparent.  Here is the best of ARTPOP:


5. Do What U Want

Do What U Want live


R. Kelly joins the pop princess on this song.  Released as the second official single of ARTPOP, this song is a good example of a dance song with a message.  If you ignored Gaga’s twitter storm about how she felt rejected by society for judging her recent weight-gain last September, then this song is simply a coy invitation for the man to “Do what you want, what you want with my body.”  However, with the author’s interruption, it becomes clear that this song has a double-entendre lying beneath the lines.  “You can’t have my heart and/You won’t use my mind but/Do what you want with my body.”  She proclaims her independence and strength in regards to the media, “Write what you want/Say what you want about me/If you’re wondering/Know that I’m not sorry.”  The melody is also pretty unforgettable, especially the verse melodies.  I’d say this is one of the most melodic, sing-able songs on ARTPOP.

4. Venus

Venus audio

Venus is the track that follows Aura, taking the listener into a David Bowie-esque planet, a flashback to Ziggy Stardust in the 1970s.  “Rocket number nine takeoff to the planet” Gaga sings for the first line.  The chorus is playful and uses doube-entendre that may or may not be detectable, depending on how one listens to it; “Cuz you’re out of this world/Galaxy, space, and time/I wonder if this could be love.”  The pre-chorus’s 80s synth and Gaga’s syncopation as she repeats “Take me to your planet, take me to your leader,” brings to mind Michael Jackson’s Disney attraction Captain Eo and the space-age music that accompanied the short film, and the melodious chorus of “When you touch me I die, just a little inside” is a nice follow-up to the rhythmic precursor.  Overall, Venus is a tounge-and-cheek poke at Gaga’s sexual prefreneces sung over an ever-changing landscape of dance electronica beats. A catchy space-age tune.

3. Applause

Applause official video

Yes, ladies and gentleman, this is the song we’ve all been hearing invade the radio waves the past few months.  “Applause” had the hefty task of living up to the media and the fans’ expectations of Gaga’s “comeback” since the cancellation of her Born This Way tour due to a hip injury.  And it doesn’t disappoint.  From the start, we hear the infectious riff of a dance synth.  This is followed by Gaga’s proclamation, “I stand here waiting for you to bang the gong/To crash the critics saying, ‘Is it right or is it wrong?’’  The voices of David Bowie and Lady Gaga are indistinguishable at this point.  If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then David Bowie must be pretty damned flattered.  But as much as Gaga is channeling one of her influences, she makes the song her own with the chorus, asking her listeners to “Give me that thing that I love”.  That thing, of course, is applause. 

2. Aura

Aura audio

Featured in the action flick Machete Kills, ARTPOP’s first track, “Aura,” demands your attention.  The guitar winding down its strings in the beginning is very different.  Aura sounds like 3 songs in one, but it works.  As a listener, you’re never bored.  It is lyrically diverse, if not at times confusing.  From Hollywood glamour; “I killed my former friend/Left her in the trunk on highway ten/ Put the knife under the hood/If you find it, send it straight to Hollywood” to a proclamation of love; “Do you wanna see me naked, lover?/Do you wanna peek underneath the covers?”, “Aura” is a mish-mosh of lyrical ideas.  Gaga is famous for wanting to confuse her audience so they listen to her songs over and over until they “get it” (Vanity Fair).  In one of the verses, Gaga rasps about wearing a Burqua over a cesspool of EDM beats (think LSD meets Pakistan).  Overall, although it starts drastically different than it ends, Aura is a great start to Gaga’s new album. 

1. Gyspy -

Gypsy live on The Muppets


This is by far the best song on the album.  It’s a shame she has not released it as a single, but hopefully she will soon.  The lyrics are well written, as is the melody, and the structure keeps the listener on their toes.  The slow beginning of Gypsy recalls the Elton John ballad “Levon”.  The typical verse-chorus structure is interrupted by various interludes and dance breakdowns, throwing the unexpected at the listener and keeping them engaged.  It’s the most heart-felt song on the album, a song no doubt about her travels and the loneliness and wonder one feels living the “Gyspy life”.  Gaga sings in the chorus, “I don’t wanna be alone forever, but I can be tonight/I don’t wanna be alone forever, but I love gypsy life/I don’t wanna be alone forever, maybe we can see the world together”.  This song could be sung in concert as a show-stopping ballad or played in a club and pool dancers to the floor.  Like Cher’s 1998 hit “Strong Enough”, Lady Gaga’s “Gypsy” starts out slow and builds to an explosive dance chorus, with equally good lyrics to match.  If anything, “Gypsy” may not be the most publicized track on ARTPOP, but it is, in my estimation, ‘strong enough’ to stand the test of time.

I Just Discovered Lauryn Hill—Where the Hell Have I Been All These Years?

The Mystery of Iniquity Lyrics

Ya’ll can’t handle the truth in a courtroom of lies
Perjures the jurors
Witness despised
Crooked lawyers
False Indictments publicized
Its entertainment…the arraignments
The subpoenas
High profile gladiators in bloodthirsty arenas
Enter the Dragon
Black-robe crooked-balance
Souls bought and sold and paroled for thirty talents
Court reporter catch the surface on the paper
File it in the system not acknowledged by the Maker
Swearing by the bible blatantly blasphemous
Publicly perpetrating that “In God We Trust”
Cross-examined by a master manipulator
The faster intimidator
Receiving the judge’s favor
Deceiving sabers doing injury to they neighbors
For status, gratis, apparatus and legal waivers
See the bailiff
Representing security
Holding the word of God soliciting perjury
The prosecution
Political prostitution
The more money you pay.. the further away solution
Legal actors
Babylon’s benefactors
Masquerading as the agency for the clients
Hypocritical giants
Morally non-compliant
Orally armed to do bodily harm
Polluted, recruited and suited judicial charm
And the defense isn’t making any sense
Faking the confidence of escaping the consequence
That a defendant is depending on the system
Totally void of judgment purposely made to twist em’
Emotional victim blackmailed by the henchmen
Framed by intentions
Inventions whereby they lynch men
Enter the false witness slandering the accused
Planting the seed openly showing he’s being used
To discredit, edit, headed for the alleged
Smearing the individual fearing the unsuspected
Expert witness (the paid authority)
Made a priority to deceive the majority
Of disinterested peers
Dodging duty for years
Hating the process 
waiting to be returning to their careers
Do we expect the system made for the elect
To possibly judge correct?
Properly serve and protect?
Materially corrupt
Spiritually amuck
Oblivious to the cause
Prosperously bankrupt
Blind leading the blind
Guilty never defined
Filthy as swine
A generation purin it’s own mind
Legal extortion
Blown out of proportion
In vein deceit
The truth is obsolete
Only two positions:
Victimizer or Victim
Both end up in destruction trusting this crooked system
Mafia with diplomas keeping us in a coma trying to own a piece
of the “American Corona”
The Revolving Door
Insanity every floor
Skyscraping, paper chasing
What are we working for?
Empty traditions
Reaching social positions
Teaching ambition to support the family superstition?
When the Son of Podition is Commander in Chief
The standard is Thief
Brethren can we candidly speak?
Woe to the men
Trusted in the chariots dem’
Leaning on horses
They run their intellectual sources
Counterfeit wisdom creating the illusion of freedom
Confusion consumes them
Every word they speak it turns them out really white
Internally they absent of light
trapped in the night and bonded to the Cain of the night
Under the curse
Evil men waxing more worse
Faxing the first
Angelic being cast to the earth
It’s time for rebirth
Burnin up the branch and the root
The empty pursuits of every tree bearing the wrong fruit
Turning me ill
Let him who stole, no longer steal
Oh it’s real
Surrender for Jehovah is real
How long will you sleep
Troubled by the thoughts that YOU keep
The idols YOU heap
Causing the destruction you reap
Judgment has come
Find it and return to the One
Abandon the flesh
Self-interest: Broadway to death
Pride and the Greed
Hide and subdividing the seed
The knowledge of Good and Evil is what caused us to lie
Caused us to die
Let your emotions be crucified
Renounce all your thoughts
Repent and let your mind be re-taught
You’ll find what you sought…was based on the deception you bought
A perception of naught
Where the majority remains caught

Loving a lie
Not realizing in Adam, all die

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